I enhanced with my traces what already is in the ever amazing natural animal beauty. My paintings on bones are a result of free drawing influenced by my Latin heritage along with my ongoing research and study --since may years ago— of different indigenous iconography.

I’m immersed in the countryside life and for that I have developed in me a feeling of empathy and mimesis in relation to all my natural surroundings, I call it: “living In fluxus with nature”.

My art reflects a weaved-blending of the natural and urban life. Three specific phenomenological qualities: MIMESIS, MYSTERY and ARTIFICIALITY imposed by man-kind, drive me profoundly to create art. Daily observations -literally- from my own backyard alchemically influence my way of living and broaden my understanding of the universe.

A zipper is commonly a popular gadget that joins two sides of fabric, leather and numerous other materials. It’s utilized in the fashion industry, accessories and many other everyday items. Zippers increase or decrease the size of an opening to allow or restrict the access of objects, join or separate two ends, attach or detach separable parts, and connect / disconnect things.

Personally, I see zippers as very intriguing devices. They produce in me a sense of wonder and discovery. The images from the Zipper Collection come up to my mind unexpectedly and enigmatically. They seem to be translating my point of view about the stages in life and nature, the daring to quietly observe what it is and what it could be. The audacity needed to be closing or opening to the new. They provoke in me the ability to examine how the parts are sustained when they are together or recognize when they need to be taken apart. I figuratively associate them with the present and future of our civilization current matters.

My art proposes to open-up to the mystery, contemplation and analysis of the natural world and its relationship with the artificial world; re-interpreting the constant alteration and artificiality imposed by mankind over nature.